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Age: 26

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Relation: Single
Mobile Model: xperia, ipod nokia
Occupation: student
Companies: Hustler player
Schools: i have google no school
I Like: love, chating, friendship, friends, Riding
I Hate: selffishness
Favorite Music: atif aslam
Favorite Movies: green hornet
Favorite Books: holy Quran
Favorite Celebrities: myself
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sweet : live life c:

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Don't cry for the people that don't deserve your tears. Because only the ones that really matter won't let you cry.

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7 years ago

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Have a wonderful night

Take care
8 years ago
I value people who are down on their luck yet they keep a positive outlook.
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I respect people who have wounds that tell an intense story of trust. I commend the folks with hurts that run as deep as rivers but they keep walking onward.

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I cherish the broken people because sometimes they’ll give you a piece of their story to learn from.
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I highly regard those who have gone through storm after storm but walk out more determined than ever. I think this is so because I can relate and their walk encourages me and for this I will tell my heart to never give up.
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8 years ago
8 years ago
hlo where r u all?
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