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Country/Area: Cali
Gender: Male
Age: 38

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Relation: Single
Mobile Model: Samsung Vibrant
Mobile Operator: T, Mobile
Occupation: Host, Kitchen Q, A, Prep
I Like: Me
I Hate: Bad tippers, cops, bills, liars, amp, bills
Favorite Music: Depeche Mode, Linkin Park
Favorite Movies: Gladiator, 300, Troy, Black Swan, Deception, The Town, Departed
Favorite Books:
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Hi how are you everyone I'm royaladam from Cali. In my spare time,I love to spend time with my family,friends,PC,travel,cycleing,video games,bookworm,cruising,happy hours,work out & learn new activities.My goal is to focus on myself,school,& work.Right now I'm not seeing anyone but what ever it happens,I hope she treats me good & of course I treat her the :)same.I do not mind talking to the ladies but only as friends.Hit me up ladies if you have more questions.Take care & be happy because life is way too short! :p

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