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Country/Area: Dream Land
Gender: Female
Age: 31

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 When Your Bored ^_^(10 years ago)

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What do You Do When ur Bored? :P gIve Us New Ideas :p(10 years ago)

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Is there any Kpop fans out there? u should add me (7 years ago)
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Relation: Single
Mobile Model: Samsung
Mobile Operator: Vodavon
Occupation: Lazy Hamester
Companies: Nytmare, Cafe,
I Like: Farm life, country side, fluffy things, vanilla ice cream
Favorite Music: Kpop, Pop, slow MusiC
Favorite Books: William Shakespear
Favorite Celebrities: Jackson Wang
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mere facts bout me 。◕‿◕ ★ im a human being (obviously not alien) i get hurt , i cry , i laugh , i smile , i get jealous ! ★ immature but sweet ★ i love treating me like a baby ★Perfumes ★Frndly - Jolly to be with ★ i love making frnds all over the globe ★ Emotional , sensitive i get easily hurt .. ★I forgive , but if its too much , just forget it ★ I think dramas r kindaa sweet sometimes ★I easily cry ★ I love photography ★ I love rainý season ★lazy :3 ★ mom and dad are my whole world ♡
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